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Still think the 2004 statewide ballot measures banning gay marriage stimulated GOP turnout? Think again.

Daniel A. Smith, Matthew DeSantis, and Jason Kassel. 2006. “Same-Sex Marriage Ballot Measures and the 2004 Presidential Election,” State and Local Government Review 38 (2): 78-91.

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MN GOP Wants Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage

It’s always nice when co-authors (Rule22) take care of the shameless self-promotion: Shirking the Initiative?

Symposium, with articles by Michael P. McDonald and Christopher Z. Mooney, Daniel A. Smith, Andra Gillespie and Melissa R. Michelson, John Sides, Robert E. Crew, Ann Marie Murphy and Andreas Fulda, and Richard L. Engstrom and Michael P. McDonald

Daniel A. Smith, “Generating Scholarship from Public Service: Media Outreach, Nonprofit Foundation Service, and Legal Expert Consulting,” PS: Political Science & Politics 44 (2011): 255-59.

Jim Crow efforts to “ensure the sanctity of the vote”

NAACP’s press release is here: & LWV’s is here:

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart’s heavily Latino majority-minority CD strongly supported Amendment 6 in 2010, with 62.49% approval.

Despite her opposition, support for redistricting reform (Amendment 6) in 2010 in Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s majority-minority district, CD3, which is comprised of 260 precincts sprawled across nine Florida counties, was 56.67%.  For comparison purposes, support for Amendment 6 in the 1007 precincts in the nine counties her district squiggles through, but which she doesn’t represent, was 60.07%.

Here’s the full text of the infamous Florida HB 1355, dubbed by voting rights activists as the voter suppression bill.

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