Law and Election Politics: The Rules of the Game

I suppose it’s time to update this 6-year old post. Here’s a link to the chapter that’s now somewhat dated!

Daniel A. Smith, “Direct Democracy: Regulating the “Will of the People”


I’m really looking forward to the publication this fall of the 2nd edition of Matthew J. Streb’s Law and Election Politics: The Rules of the Game. What a great lineup!

Here’s the Table of Contents

Introduction: Linking Election Law and Electoral Politics, Matthew J. Streb

Chapter 1: Campaign Finance Law—The Changing Role of Parties and Interest Groups, Michael M. Franz

Chapter 2: Public Financing of Elections—Past, Present, Future, Peter L. Francia

Chapter 3: The Internet: The Promise of Democratization of American Politics, Lee E. Goodman

Chapter 4: Voting Machines: The Question of Equal Protection, Thad Hall and Lucy Williams

Chapter 5: Voter Identification Laws: The Controversy over Voter Fraud, Lorraine C. Minnite

Chapter 6: Early Voting: The Quiet Revolution in American Elections, Paul Gronke

Chapter 7: Recounts: Elections in Overtime, Edward B. Foley

Chapter 8: Direct Democracy: Regulating the “Will of the People,” Daniel A. Smith

Chapter 9: Political Parties and Primaries: The Tension between Free Association and the Right to Vote, Kristin Kanthak and Eric Loepp

Chapter 10: Third Parties—How American Election Law and Institutions Cripple Third Parties, Marjorie Randon Hershey

Chapter 11: Redistricting—Racial and Partisan Issues Past and Present, Charles S. Bullock III

Chapter 12: Judicial Elections—Just Like Any Other Election? Matthew J. Streb