Does high % of Infrequent GOP PPP absentee voters bode well for @RealDonaldTrump?

More than 108k Republicans who four years ago skipped Florida’s January 31, 2012 Presidential Preference Primary have already cast valid absentee ballots ahead of the March 15, 2015 election. That’s nearly 44% of the 248k absentee ballots cast by Republicans as of yesterday, February 24.  Of the 248k GOP absentee voters so far, 107k also didn’t vote 8 years ago in the January 29, 2008 PPP.  Sliced differently, to date, 42% of the Republicans who have already cast valid ballots in the GOP PPP voted in both the 2008 and 2012 PPP; the other 58% are new to the game.  Seems to me this might bode well for The Donald, as the competitive GOP primary appears to be drawing in a sizable number of Republicans — and absentee voters at that — who in previously primary contests have sat on the sidelines.