According to the latest numbers (January 31, 2016), 17.5% of Florida’s electorate is under the age of 30. Yet younger voters will have little say in who either the Republican or Democratic presidential nominees will be in the state’s March 15, 2016 primary election.

As of today, voters under 30 have cast less than 3% of absentee ballots and less than 4% of the early in-person votes.

Of course, the lack of participation by millennials in the Republican and Democratic primaries is in large part a function of younger voters disproportionately registering as No Party Affiliates (NPAs) in the Sunshine State.  Over 1/3 of voters under the age of 30 in Florida have no say in either presidential primary.  That’s because among the under-30 crowd, 35.5% are registered as NPAs.

Compare this figure to those who are between 30 and 60 years old, where 26.3% are registered as NPAs.  And what about Floridians over the age of 60? Only 16.9% of the 60+ crowd are registered as NPAs.

So, if you don’t identify with a party in Florida, you don’t get a say in who’s going to be the parties’ nominees. Not only are older Floridians are more partisan, they’re allowed to participate in party primaries, whereas over a third of younger registered voters may not.

So much for the influence of #MillennialVoters