More than 706k absentee ballots have been cast and more than 42k early in-person ballots have been cast as of yesterday, March 1, 2016.

Here’s the Republican breakdown: 376.1k absentee and 21.7k early in person. Of the total Republicans casting absentee ballots, 86.3% are white and 10.7% are Hispanic.  Of the total Republican casting early in-person ballot, 77.5% are white and 18.3% are Hispanic.

Here’s the Democratic breakdown: 314.0k absentee and 20.2k early in-person.  Of the total Democrats casting absentee ballots, 71.0% are white, 15.9% are black, and 9.6% are Hispanic. Of the total Democrats casting early in-person ballot, 49.5% are white, 33.0% are black, and 13.4% are Hispanic.

More to come….