Approaching 10k Absentee Ballots Cast in Florida have a Voter Error or No Signature

Sad, but true.

As of yesterday, 5,500 absentee ballots received by the state’s 67 Supervisors of Elections have a “Voter Error” and another 3,977 lack the required signature on the back of the absentee ballot envelope.

That’s a lot of absentee ballots with problems.  Of the more than 761k absentee ballots cast thus far ahead of Florida’s March 15, 2016 presidential primary, .7% of those cast have been identified by county Supervisors of Elections as having a “voter error” and another .5% lack a signature on the envelope.

Of these flagged ballots, 49.7% (4,710) have been cast by Republicans and 47.4% (4,490) have been cast by Democrats.