One last Florida update for the night…Race/Ethnic & Partisan breakdown of 950.6k ballots cast

Of the 950.6k votes cast thus far in Florida (early-in person & absentee mail), nearly 507k have been cast by Republicans and nearly 417.0 have been cast by Democrats.

Of those who have cast ballots in the Democratic presidential primary, 18% are black, 10% are Hispanic, and 68% are white.

Of those who have cast ballots in the Republican presidential primary, nearly 12% are Hispanic and 85% are white.


As all eyes turn towards Florida, by tomorrow more than 1m votes will already have been cast

I’ll have the up-to-date results for you tomorrow. Plenty of previous posts to chew on.

Here’s one last tidbit as folks think about Marco Rubio’s chances in Florida.

To date, 55.8k Republicans have cast ballots in Rubio’s stronghold, Miami-Dade County. That’s less than 15% of the 378k registered Republicans.  Of those 378k registered Republicans in Miami-Dade, 274.4k (72.5%) are Hispanic.

Thus far through the first 5 days of early voting and several weeks of absentee balloting, only 44.4k Hispanic Republicans in Miami-Dade have turned out to vote, or 16.2% of the 274.4k.

It remains to be seen if Republican Hispanics in Miami-Dade, many, but certainly not all Cuban-Americans, rally around Senator Rubio in the coming days before the March 15 presidential primary after his “very bad night,” as noted by Donald Trump.

Keep posted…

Exclusive: Lastest Early In-Person Figures for Florida Presidential Primary

I expect these to nearly double by the end of today…

97.6k Early In-Person ballots cast through yesterday (Friday, March 4).

50.6k by Republicans and 45.1k by Democrats (with the balance NPAs and 3rd parties).

51.7% of total Early In-Person ballots cast thus far by Republicans and 38.1% by Democrats. This GOP advantage might be indicative more of which counties have been allowing early in-person voting thus far, and the fact that we don’t yet have EIP voting for the weekend.

Among Republican EIP voters, 78.6% are white and 11.2% are Hispanic. 62.5% of GOP voters are 60+ and only 4.0% are under 30.

Among Democratic EIP voters, 50.4% are white, 31.9% are black, and 13.5% are Hispanic. 58.2% are 60+ and only 6.5% are under 30.

Asked for your Drivers License at the Polls? Don’t succumb! Know your rights!

Here’s the list of approved forms of photo ID in Florida. Insist on it!

Whether during early voting or on Election Day, you will be asked to provide at the polls a valid photo ID with signature. Any one of the following photo IDs will be accepted:

  • Florida driver’s license
  • Florida identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
  • United States passport
  • Debit or credit card
  • Military identification
  • Student identification
  • Retirement center identification
  • Neighborhood association identification
  • Public assistance identification.