As all eyes turn towards Florida, by tomorrow more than 1m votes will already have been cast

I’ll have the up-to-date results for you tomorrow. Plenty of previous posts to chew on.

Here’s one last tidbit as folks think about Marco Rubio’s chances in Florida.

To date, 55.8k Republicans have cast ballots in Rubio’s stronghold, Miami-Dade County. That’s less than 15% of the 378k registered Republicans.  Of those 378k registered Republicans in Miami-Dade, 274.4k (72.5%) are Hispanic.

Thus far through the first 5 days of early voting and several weeks of absentee balloting, only 44.4k Hispanic Republicans in Miami-Dade have turned out to vote, or 16.2% of the 274.4k.

It remains to be seen if Republican Hispanics in Miami-Dade, many, but certainly not all Cuban-Americans, rally around Senator Rubio in the coming days before the March 15 presidential primary after his “very bad night,” as noted by Donald Trump.

Keep posted…