Exclusive: Lastest Early In-Person Figures for Florida Presidential Primary

I expect these to nearly double by the end of today…

97.6k Early In-Person ballots cast through yesterday (Friday, March 4).

50.6k by Republicans and 45.1k by Democrats (with the balance NPAs and 3rd parties).

51.7% of total Early In-Person ballots cast thus far by Republicans and 38.1% by Democrats. This GOP advantage might be indicative more of which counties have been allowing early in-person voting thus far, and the fact that we don’t yet have EIP voting for the weekend.

Among Republican EIP voters, 78.6% are white and 11.2% are Hispanic. 62.5% of GOP voters are 60+ and only 4.0% are under 30.

Among Democratic EIP voters, 50.4% are white, 31.9% are black, and 13.5% are Hispanic. 58.2% are 60+ and only 6.5% are under 30.