A quick update on the first Sunday of Early Voting in Florida

On Sunday, March 7, each of Florida’s 67 counties offered 8 hours of early in-person voting. Up until that date, a total of 78.6k Democrats and 98.1k Republicans had voted using this method, and a total of 180.5k voters over all (including NPAs and 3rd party registrants).

On the first Sunday of early voting, another 44.6k registered turned out to vote, including 22.6k Republicans and 20.6k Democrats. For Republicans, 45% (22.6k) voted on the first Sunday of early voting as had voted the day earlier, the first full Saturday of early voting, when more than 50k Republicans turned out. For Democrats, 57% as many showed up on Sunday as did on the previous day.  Nearly 29% of the Democrats who turned out yesterday (Sunday, March 6) to vote in-person were black; 85% of the Republicans who voted early in-person on the first Sunday of early voting were white, and 11.4% were Hispanic.