Yes, @RealDonaldTrump is correct,

new Republicans (or at least those who have been inactive for 2 election cycles) are voting in the GOP presidential primary in Florida.

Some 2k Republicans who the Florida Division of Elections and the state’s 67 Supervisors of Elections count as Inactive and that doesn’t even include in their total number of registered Republicans, have already cast ballots.

In addition, over 355k registered Republicans have voted who didn’t participate in the 2012 GOP presidential primary. That includes nearly 200k Republicans over the age of 60 who didn’t vote 4 years ago.

As of this morning, 88k Hispanic Republicans have cast ballots,

including 26k who have voted early in-person and 61.9k who have vote absentee mail ballots.

That’s a turnout rate for Hispanic Republicans of 17.2% at this point in voting.

By way of comparison, 19.3% of white Republicans have cast ballots (early & absentee) as of this morning.