Here’s one more EXCLUSIVE…

To date, there are nearly 685.8k absentee ballots that have been delivered by SOEs that have yet to be returned.  Voters may no longer request an absentee ballot to be mailed to them by their SOE.  Campaigns are likely tracking these down and reminding voters to mail them back in. At least, let’s hope what they’re doing, and not engaging in illegal activities (like this). There are several strict regulations now in place regarding on who may handle absentee ballots when they are being delivered, and the Miami-Dade SOE has a nice pdf with those rules.

Of the 685.6k absentees awaiting to be returned, 16k have been sent to military voters, with nearly 2k mailed to overseas military personnel. More than 2x as many of these military overseas ballots were mailed to registered Republicans than Democrats.