Through Friday, over 1.8m Floridians have voted.

Over 754k Democrats have voted either early in-person or absentee mail ballots.

Nearly 1.03m Republicans have cast early in-person and absentee mail ballots.

Among registered Democrats, 11% of blacks, 10% of Hispanics, and 19% of whites have turned out.

Among registered Republicans, 20% of registered Hispanics and 23% of registered whites have voted.

Another 46k NPAs have cast ballots, but they can’t vote in either party’s PPP.

I won’t have demographic data on the 5200 early voters who cast ballots who registered between Feb 1 and Feb 16, the last day to register or change party affiliation in Florida, until after the weekend. Roughly 1k newly registered Democrats and 1.3k newly registered Republicans cast absentee ballots, which are included in the above totals.

I may post county and age breakdowns later tonight. Stay tuned.