There were only 8 days of EIP in 2012 in FL, after the Republican legislature cut the number of days with HB 1355 in 2013 from 14 days. The 2013, the legislature reversed course after the 2012 November election meltdown which had people waiting in line for over 6 hours to cast early votes, and expanded the number of days and hours SOEs could offer EIP.

Michael Herron and I have an article in Poltical Research Quarterly on the effects, which was cited in an article by Micahel Wines in The New York Times today.

Here’s the daily compositional breakdown of early in-person voting by race in 2008. That year, 10 counties offered the full 14 days of early voting; the rest offered a minimum of 8 days.


This year, 50/67 counties started EIP on the first available Monday.  I’ll have analysis of EIP in FL in the coming days.