A (Rare) Mid-Day ElectionSmith Exclusive: Florida Early In-Person Voting Soaring…

Here are the latest numbers I’ve crunched from this morning’s update from the Florida Division of Elections.

Old Florida hands know that aggregate breakdown of EIP and VBM votes cast by party are generously provided by the Florida Division of Elections. The state does not provide other breakdowns. That’s what I’ve been cranking out this election cycle. And I match the daily totals with those cast in the 2012 GE.

So, enough with the primer. Here are the Early In-Person votes cast by party and race/ethnicity as of 5am this morning, as well as a 2016 graph of age by day.fl-ev-through-nov-3-2016-2012-comparison-partyfl-ev-through-nov-3-2016-2012-comparison-raceethnicityfl-ev-through-nov-3-2016-2012-comparison-age