EXCLUSIVE: Florida Ground Game: Between Sept 10 & Oct 10, 2016, the Republican Party of Florida submitted 117 new “non-blank” voter registration forms; the Florida Democratic Party submitted 6,920.

Overall, over the past month, Third Party Voter Registration Organizations (3PVROs) have submitted to the state’s 67 Supervisors of Elections (SOEs) some 21,952 “non-blank” voter registration forms.

The total number of registration forms was as reported today, October 10, 2016, by the Florida Division of Elections. These data come with the following disclaimer from the Florida Division of Elections:

DISCLAIMER: The Florida Third Party Voter Registration (3PVRO) database is not intended, nor should it be used, as a source for Florida voter registration statistics. The 3PVRO database reflects the cumulative number of voter registration applications submitted by a 3PVRO to the state since the time of a 3PVRO’s registration. Please note that a voter application submitted by a political party does not necessarily translate directly into a voter registered for that party as all 3PVROs must collect and submit registrations regardless of party affiliation.

Several other advocacy groups also submitted thousands of new state and federal registration forms over the past month, among them:

National Council of La Raza/Democracia USA: 3,703

New Florida Majority Education Fund: 3,420

GRSG Company: 2,228

Not all of these new voter registration forms will be processed, and they represent a fraction of all the successful new voter registrations this year. Many thousands more will be processed by tomorrow, Florida’s voter registration deadline. Of course, many qualified citizens who have signed voter registration forms may not have their applications processed due to the destruction wrought by Hurricane Matthew in several counties, which is why the Florida Democratic Party filed suit to push back the state’s October 11 voter registration deadline.

Overall, between January 1 and August 31, 2016, some 650.9k Floridians have registered to vote.