Women are out performing their share of the state’s 12.7m active registered voters.

Women have cast nearly 1/2 a million more early votes in Florida than men so far in this election. Democratic women account for most of this gender gap, as they’ve cast some 400k more votes than Democratic men, a 22 percentage point gender divide. Although women account for 58% of active women registered with the Democratic Party in Florida, they’ve cast more than 60% of all votes by Democrats.

But Republican and NPA women also have cast more votes than their male counterparts, 75k and 22k respectively. Each is roughly 4 percentage points more than the respective share of active Republicans and NPAs who are registered.

Across race/ethnicity, the biggest gender gap of those who’ve cast early votes is among black voters. African-American women account for 62% of the 520k votes cast by blacks thus far. Hispanic women account for 56% of the 615k votes cast, and white women account for 54% of the 3.1m votes cast by white voters.

More on this later…