Of the More Than 1.1 Million Floridians who Have Cast Ballots as of this morning,

412k registered since the 2012 General Election.

These 412k early voters are casting their first ballots in a presidential election in Florida. Many, no doubt, are snowbirds, who voted up north in 2012 before retiring to our lovely beaches. Others, to be sure, are recently naturalized citizens, or have recently turned 18. Still others finally got around to registering to vote in Florida.

Crunching the numbers, I’m able to determine who these newbies are — their party affiliation, their race/ethnicity, and their gender.

Don’t have time to dive into the numbers, but here are some graphs of the 412k early voters in 2016 (as of yesterday, November 2) who’ve registered in Florida since the 2012 GE.

There are 2 percentage point more Democrats than Republicans, but NPAs are more than holding up their share of the overall electorate. Recently registered whites are dominating, but Hispanics are out-performing their share of the electorate. And women are out-performing men, but not nearly at the overall rate in terms of the gender gap of the nearly 5 million Floridians who’ve already cast ballots ahead of the November 8, 2016 General Election.